October 17: A Far Cry at Jordan Hall

Irons’s description of Francaix’s “Les inestimables chroniques du bon géant Gargantua” as “curly fries” was spot on. The piece provides a comical commentary to a story based on a 16th century satire by Rabelais; A Far Cry performed an English translation by Laura Marris, read at the front of the stage by former US poet laureate Robert Pinsky.

To illustrate the story, A Far Cry deployed a full arsenal of slapstick sound effects, musical tropes, and inside references — monks chanting out of tune, mincing military marches, a wife thrashing her husband represented by a bassist going to town on his instrument’s body. “Lip noises like a monkey whenever he picked apart crayfish” went musically unrepresented, sadly.

Read the rest over at the Globe!


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