infinite playlist 8.11

I promise, there will soon be more writing here. I’ve been slacking a bit on writing down what I’m listening to and picking the best, so here’s what I can most vividly remember from the last few weeks…

Molly Herron – Stellar Atmospheres for vocal quartet, Baroque viol consort and The Dervishes


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Ears (Western Vinyl)


Swetshop Boys – “T5” from future release Cashmere (Customs)


Tilbury – Northern Comfort (Record Records)

Qluster – Echtzeit (Bureau B)


Throws s/t (Full Time Hobby)

Tim Hecker Love Streams (4AD)


> incl. Slime Girls, Anamanaguchi, Hironica, Space Boyfriend


> Incl. Tubeway Army, The Sisters of Mercy, Rakta, TOTAL CONTROL


MJ Guider – Precious Systems (kranky)

Ben BabbittKentucky Route Zero, acts I-IV


Traces Imaginary Life


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