The Crossroads Project – Fry Street Quartet (Navona)
>  Laura Kaminsky – Rising Tide, Libby Larsen Emergence

BIOS from “Rising Tide” (section II of “The Crossroads Project” from Laura Kaminsky on Vimeo.

Gabriel Kahane – Crane Palimpsest – The Knights (self released)

Missy Mazzoli Songs from the Uproar – Abigail Fischer and NOW Ensemble (New Amsterdam)


Swetshop Boys – Cashmere (Customs)

Caspian – Tertia (Triple Crown)

Caspian – Dust and Disquiet (Triple Crown)

Taylor Brooks – Ecstatic Music – TAK Ensemble (New Focus)
Ecstatic Music, Weather Reports, Idolum, Amalgam

Ism – Ryan Muncy (New Focus)
James Tenney – Saxony, Erin Gee – Mouthpiece XXIV (w/Ross Karre), David Reminick – Gray Faces, Morgan Krauss – masked by likeness, Evan Johnson – Largo calligrafico/”patientam”, Lee Hyla – Pre-Amnesia



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