I’m Zoë Madonna.

I graduated from Oberlin College in 2015 and moved to Boston. I worked for a year in international customer service at Hachette Book Group, and I’ve been working as a staff music critic of the Boston Globe since Halloween 2016. I review classical and pop music, mostly.

I live in Teele Square, in Somerville, MA. I’m a fan of this, because many of my friends live there, I get to live with two excellent humans and my feline assistant, and it’s close to these things I like.

I write about music for various outlets. These days I’m most frequently contributing to the Globe (of course), but I’ve also been in I CARE IF YOU LISTEN,  VAN Magazine, Q2 Music’s website, Boston Musical Intelligencer and Early Music America Magazine.

In my spare time, I knit (if that wasn’t obvious from the blog’s title), read, play various games, teach myself languages, blues dance, and contra dance. I also enjoy singing shape note, and I play accordion in the contra dance band Chimney Swift.

When I give money, I like to give to effective organizations. Right now I’m throwing most of my give-money to Against Malaria Foundation.

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